Aim & objective

About AHNA

The Ahmedabad Hospitals & Nursing Homes Association has been established with a view to promote solidarity and brotherhood among all the member hospitals and nursing homes of Ahmedabad and surrounding areas within a radius of fifty kilometers.

Aim & Objectives

To promote social, cultural & cooperative activities.

To arrange and hold conferences, demonstrations, debates, excursions, cultural functions, seminars, symposia, demonstrations, meetings, lectures, discussions, competitions etc.

To print, publish periodicals mainly for the purpose of discussing the questions affecting the hospitals & nursing homes.

To establish contact with similar associations and share common goals.

To establish & conduct a reference library.

To do all such things as are incidental and necessary for the healthcare providers, a proper place in the new social order and in general to increase the usefulness and advance in standards, ideals and welfare of the healthcare profession.

To uphold honor, dignity and legitimate rights of the doctors practicing at the member hospitals & nursing homes.

To secure proper and better conditions of service and status, emoluments, and all other legitimate rights and privileges of the Members.

To try to redress grievances and to secure justice for the members whenever and wherever such grievances and or / injustices persist in spite of ordinary attempts at negotiations and persuasions; these methods may include submission of suitable memoranda to the concerned authorities / organizations of effective mass protest, or demonstrations or obtaining legal opinions or instituting legal actions or any other suitable line of action as per the needs of such situation.

To project views of members with regard to various health and education policies of the government or any other authorities and to try to get those views accepted for incorporating in the said policies, keeping in mind health care delivery system.

To promote efficiency of the healthcare providers in the interest of public at large.

To promote research and advancement of the medical and allied sciences in all the different branches of medicine.

To promote public health and medical education in India.

To publish periodicals, mainly for the purpose of discussing the issues affecting the welfare of the members, and also for the purpose of projecting views of the Members on various subjects or policies; and also, to publish articles increasing the information, efficiency and general knowledge of the Members

To promote welfare of the members and their family by arranging social gatherings, entertainments, programmes, games, functions etc.